Why Trust us!

Strong work Ethic

We don’t just clean drives, jet wash patios and clean & treat your wooden decking, we go much much further. We need you to recommend us to your friends and colleagues so we make sure you get the best possible cleaning service.  We are professional, although Karcher jetwashers are , erm well ok ish… The do not have the power that a 400cc petrol engine with upto 4,000psi can deliver, we will clean your home or your business premises.  We will make sure you smile when we have finished, otherwise our job isn’t done.

The smiles on our customers faces makes a job worth while, we want to make you smile.  Let us at Dr Jet rejuvenate your home and make it a please to come back to it.

The DrJet Vision

Cleaning up the West Midlands, one home at a time!

We want people to look forwards to going home after work and saying, ‘I live there’ not ‘oh, yes I live there’.  Call today, we can put a smile on your face, thats why we do this job.

Mission Statement

To Help people sell their home quicker or for more money.

To Help businesses make their premises look and feel more attractive to entice clients and even make staff feel happier and more productive.

In essence, we want to make people smile again!

Company History

Our new toy the Honda 3000psi jet washer

2017 May

A new tool, this powerful jet washer

Always looking for better equipment, it doesnt get more powerful than the Honda GX390.  Now we have to adjust the power output to deal with all the different jobs as this beauty would strip the paint of your car!

We need to have the best equipment to do the best jobs and this new machine is actually very quiet for a 390cc petrol engine.  Call Dr Jet today and let us show you how professional we are.

water orton jet washing drive and patio

2017 May

Water-Orton, Old Church Road

We were initially asked to quote on the drive, but it soon became obvious the paths either side of the house and the rear patio needs our expert attention. We also discussed the path around the garden and the base of the greenhouse.  We also noticed a lot of green moss etc growing on the walls of the house so we removed all of this.

We were able to completely renovate the exterior of the house and made it all look like new, now the owner ner will be able to sell his house much easier, unless he decides to stay.

Paul Hopkins

Partner / Co Founder

Mr Paul Hopkins

Owner of The Box Warehouse (house moving packaging company) based in Coleshill.