Balsallcommon full view of house

Balsall Common, Levenson Road, Power jetwashed Driveway.

Venturing into Balsall Common for a drive refresh.  Until anyone actually has their drives cleaned most don’t fully appreciate how awful they look and how depressing it is to arrive home to see your drive and paths so grimy, weed filled and moss covered they are.

Then after the drive is jetwashed, what a transformation and now it feels so much better to arrive home and not see all the mold, moss and mess but instead a drive looking every bit as clean as when it was first layed all those years ago!

Remember that the appearance of your house when selling your home willhelp a great deal. First impressions count, especially when trying to sell your home.  Sell your home faster by improving the look and feel, we can jetwash and sand your drives and paths, but we can also clean your patio, slabbing and even the conservatory as well as clean the guttering that people can see as well as the muck inside it. We can clean walls, concrete plant pots and even statues too.  So call Dr Jet today and let us quote you to a cleaner future.


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