Rear Patio full clean to Blythewood Guest House, Coleshill.

Rear Patio full clean to Blythewood Guest House, Coleshill.

Jet washing of Patio, steps, surrounding walls and conservatory guttering and windows.

The owners had used their basic Karcher pressure washer 3-4 weeks earlier and after two days hard work, it just wasnt clean. We quoted a price but they would only have to pay if we could prove absolutely that we would make a considerable difference from what they had achieved.

They only had to pay if it was a very definite difference, we also cleaned the surrounding walls the balustrade and the conservatory walls, windows and guttering.  Needless to say we were paid in full, see for yourself the before and after pictures and the part cleaning of the steps which makes it clear how using a professional jet washing company with a high powered Honda GX390 machine makes such a difference. Remember also, we get tired from the hard work so you dont have too, we also get covered in the moss and dirt, it is a messy job but we have to do it!

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